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Reality Gaming is here.

Lose yourself in a gaming experience more authentic, more immersive, and more engaging than any video game can ever achieve. A live actor plays a key character in each game, making every experience unique and personal. Forget everything you thought you knew about video games and join the next revolution in online gaming.


Blur the line between entertainment and reality. The future of games is here. Dare to join us. 

Forget everything you know about online games


We train professional entertainers to bring a new level of engagement and personalized experience to your online games.


This creates an unprecedented level of interactivity in your games. The decisions your group makes change the course of the entire series. 


We stream these professionally crafted experiences live on Twitch. Never the same broadcast. Add your unique personality to the show. Your fans are waiting!

The Promise of Interactive Entertainment

The promise of truly interactive entertainment is an all encompassing,  authentic, real time experience. Imagine if this promise was truly realized? What could you do? All your dreams could come true.


But when we look at the current landscape of the video game industry, we see that it falls short of delivering on this promise.  

The Technology Problem

The one thing that keeps the video game industry from realizing its potential is, ironically, technology.

We rely on technology to interact with characters in the video game world, so what we get is scripted NPC’s (Non-player character or Artificial Intelligence characters) and pre-determined dialogue trees. We rely on technology to deliver the story in our games, so what we get is the same cinematic and the same narrative every time you play. We rely on technology to challenge us in our games, so most of the time, there is only one way to solve a problem.

The Solution

Lila removes this barrier of technology. In its place puts live entertainers whose sole purpose is to create a dynamic, living adventure, that makes you feel like you are THERE. This is Reality Gaming.

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