Everyone's success helps everyone.

To our developer friends

Fellow video game developers,
The current video game market is brutal, antiquated, and over saturated.  We know there is a lot of killer content out there that can’t get the exposure that it needs to thrive. We can help. We aim to build a developer community where everyone's success helps everyone.

We are developing a video game and VR platform where the player’s persistent character improves by playing your VR experience or game.


Say you have a sword fighting VR game. By playing your game, the player improves his sword fighting skills (to be used in other games). If the player completes your game (for example), they are rewarded by receiving a unique sword. Same with a zombie shooter. The player’s shooting skill increases and may be rewarded with a shotgun.


The player uses their persistent character to play custom Lila games. In these games, the player can bring their laser rifle to a dungeon crawl or their magic long bow to a sci-fi drama. This creates a delightful genre mash-up that encourages players to jump around and consume a lot of games and genres.

How the player progresses and what items they obtain is negotiated per game, you have a big say in the process. We invite your creative ideas and input on exactly how your game is represented.


Want to know more, drop us a note.