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Dual Dule  - Episode 1  -  Game: Crystaline

Run Time: 0:27

Players: 1

For thousands of years, an ancient lineage of Fey have kept the secrets of the island of Kaala from the hands of men. 

After years of searching, your party has discovered the terrible secret of what might be hidden underneath the island, but a doppelganger, a devious and dangerous shapeshifter, has infiltrated your party.

Trust no one.


Undead Matters  - Episode 2  -  Game: Crystaline

Run Time: 0:31

Players: 1

This island is more dangerous than anyone thought. You encounter the last party to attempt to plunder the secrets of Kaala. They are more than 300 years old -but seem nice enough. A tenuous alliance with the undead is all that keeps you alive. 


The Secret of Kaala  - Episode 3  -  Game: Crystaline

Run Time: 0:26

Players: 1

A labyrinthine system of tunnels leads to the discovery of an unlikely ally.

But what could be further down the labyrinth?

What would frighten a dragon?

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