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The Forest 

3 Episodes

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The Blackout Club

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Trine 4

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No Man's Sky

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Arizona Sunshine

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Star Trek Bridge Crew

gameThumbNails _Raft_CS.png

The Raft

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Grand Theft Auto V

How It Works


Each episode has a new story, new objectives and new challenges. But, unlike in the normal game, your  decisions are more important. Choices you make now will effect how the next episodes unfold.

Your Games on Steroids


In every Episode, a professionally trained live actor is there playing the part of an NPC. The actor plays a part in the narrative, but addresses you directly. Are they really what they seem or is there something else going on?

NPCs are Alive!


Every Lila Presents! episode is streamed live. We'll send you a link to the archived show so you can keep it for all time. Tell your friends. You might become famous!

Stream and Enjoy


What You Need


All Lila shows are live streaming performances. You must own the game we are playing in order to play with us. Games must be purchased on STEAM and you must have a valid Gamer ID

In order to keep all performances consistent, we communicate via Discord. You must have Discord installed and a valid Discord ID

Games: WhatYouNeed
Games: LiveStreams

Live Streams


Follow us on Twitch: PlayLilaLive

Follow us on YouTube:

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