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Kindness, Quality, Courage

I have one goal: Create the future of interactive entertainment. I strive for excellence in an inclusive, collaborative environment. I believe passion is the key to unlocking true potential.

Colin MacKie


Colin MacKie has been making games for more than 23 years.

At Insomniac Games, he helped shape the Ratchet and Clank series. This beloved franchise won dozens of awards and was acclaimed by critics and fans alike. He went on to lead Resistance: Fall of Man. It swept the PS3 game of the year awards.

Looking for a new challenge, he joined the Call of Duty team at Activision. Colin was senior through lead designer on 3 CoD titles which included the best-selling Call of Duty of all time -Modern Warfare 3. 

Most recently, at Lucasfilm, Colin was the Design Director on the Vader Immortal VR series. Vader Immortal won 2019 VR experience of the year and was nominated for an Emmy for Innovation in Storytelling.

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